Surya Foundations

What we do

Area of activity


— Health

We conduct health awareness activities from time to time. So that we can give a good health future to our upcoming generation.

— Education

Education is the primary source for children to keep their life in safe way. This project provides education material to poor children upto elementary section.


— Woman Empowerment

Surya Foundations also doing focused work on the development of women in our society. 


— Skill Development

Surya Foundations has been providing free skill development training to the youth of urban and rural sectors of the state.


— Wild Life

Surya Foundations believes that a healthy environment can be maintained by keeping wildlife secure, So we also focusing on wildlife care projects.


— Agriculture

India is an agricultural country, the entire development of the country depends on agriculture. Therefore, the Surya Foundation is at the forefront of all efforts for the farmers of our country.